"OBSESSION" Title of Gallery Show April 2019

Constance Williams “OBSESSION.”

Revealed Gallery 119A Church St. Charleston SC 29401

Opening night reception 5 to 8:30 pm Friday, April 5, 2019

www.RevealedGallery.com  (843) 872-5606

The title of Williams' show “OBSESSION” explores the use of shape, color, and form into three distinct groups spherical, striation, and combinative; like a DNA signature, it is ever-present throughout Williams’ various mediums and continually evolves. Williams' extrudes the essence of their origins; representing without depicting, extracting and abstracting interpretations of topographical observations by surveying and flattening perspective and rendering expressive compositions while simultaneously creating anew and innovating with her medium.

Over fifty works will be available at this show that will also include a selection of unusually small works (Marquette’s of more significant paintings) specifically for this event.