A voyage to the end of the earth.

Patagonia to Antarctica

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A month-long voyage in February 2018; summertime in the Southern Hemisphere, through the Fjords of Patagonia and down to Antarctica, further expanded my Habitat series of paintings. As the ship meandered south through the Patagonian Fjords of Chile, the mountains, trees, and foliage gave way to more exposed rock formations, baron mountains tops, waterfalls and spectacular glaciers. A rough voyage through the Drake Passage tendered to the protected coves of Antarctica. Snow and ice surrounded me, but white was not what I saw, every shade of grey and blue came into focus. The icebergs were majestic in their various forms. While some were jagged and towering like city blocks, others had chiseled dimples and rounded shapes of otherworldly marble scapes, of course, the master sculptors were natures elements, which had chipped away beneath the water and ultimately tipped over the icebergs denser and massive rough colder surface to expose the beauty that lay beneath.

Upon disembarking the ship on Zodiacs to go ashore, I traversed the pebbles and stones of the penguin and seal colonies and nurseries, which displayed a myriad of grays, some with lichen attached in brilliant chartreuse shades of yellows and greens. Outcroppings of towering boulders laced with iron added warmth to the cool colored enveloping palette. Shades of pink were also part of the landscape as penguins pooped and regurgitated krill for their offspring, which brochures and films appear to edit out.

Upon the return to my studio, my paintings revealed my journey.

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