To the Window! To the Wall!

As the month of July comes to a close, the season of summer slowly drifts to an end. However, I am particularly excited for the wonderful fresh colors of fall! Along with the colors, I am also excited for other events this autumn.

The WNCAP Auction and Gala is drawing near, and my work along with the the runner-ups are currently in the window of Surface Gallery! The artwork provides a "complementary contrast" in the stylistic differences in our paintings.

The Western North Carolina Aids Project will host "Raise Your Hand" on October 1st, and tickets are on sale now! (


Currently, I'm delving into more blues and greens in my Distillation Series. The cool colors translate well into the cool weather of fall. I'm excited for everything that is currently happening, and the many wonderful things to come.

More information on the WNCAP event can be found in the link below. Fun things like the food (which is sounding delicious) and the venue are all posted online. I hope to see many of you there!

For more information: