WNCAP - Signature Piece

Distillation Series: Blue Green

Distillation Series: Blue Green

I am excited to announce that my work, Distillation Series: Blue Green, has been selected for the 2016 Signature Piece for Western North Carolina AIDS Project's "Raise Your Hand" Auction and Gala! I have always loved participating in this annual event and am truly honored that my work has been chosen.  From June 27-July 8, you can find my piece downtown Asheville in Tops for Shoes, located on N. Lexigton Ave.

This selection in my Distillation Series is 48 x 48 inches on aluminum board. The alcohol ink is a versatile and dynamic medium, creating a fluidity that is relatively new to the art scene. These works provide a journey of transparent vaporous veiled fields, with facades of eruptions and excavation!

WNCAP will hold this years auction Saturday October 1st, 2016. It will mark the 28th annual benefit auction and gala, and I hope many supporters/art enthusiasts will be present! In last years' event, over 200 items were donated from some of Asheville's finest local businesses and artists.  It was a successful feat, and WNCAP exceeded their goal, raising over $190,000!

A short article about this event and my work is in the URL below. More details can be found on 'wncapgala.org'. I expect many amazing works of art to be donated to this great cause again this year. Again, nothing short of thrilled!