CIRCULARITY & EVOLUTIONARY   “My daily process simultaneously embraces spontaneity and intuition, as echoes of past compilations become re-imagined and SERIES become fully developed. In all of the mediums I employ, I look to evolve my soft rounded patterning.”

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Habitat series (HS)

The luscious complexities of the surrounding ecosystems

This series emerged late spring of 2016 for an exhibit later that year, and became all-consuming after Constance experienced the great migration through Tanzania Africa that June.  There were times when she could not tell what heads and legs belonged to which species, as thousands of animals traversed the Serengeti in a haze of the trampled soil and bellowing cacophony of sounds. Upon returning to her home in Western North Carolina, her senses were heightened by the luscious complexity and topography of her own surrounding ecosystems, and an infinite data mining resource, which she extracts and abstracts with her mediums. From the elevation changes of her Asheville studio along the French Broad River at 2000 feet, her home on a ridge line sits at 3000 feet, and a retreat in Linville NC, where Grandfather Mountain rises 5946 feet and boasts sixteen ecological communities and spectacular trails and vistas, it stimulates her daily. In spring, the ever-changing powdered-pollen-veil coats all surfaces, as plants and trees begin to envelop the topography with a textural blanket of luscious greens inhabiting the forest floor through summer. The glorious warm colors of autumn are prolonged as she traverses the elevation changes, gradually yielding to winter’s crispness and snowfall, leaving only the evergreen growth and unmasking the exquisite terrain. The splendor and wonders of the subterranean caverns of Linville Falls, and the dripping minerals that can be seen on the surface of exposed rock are spectacular; both possess distinct characteristics in their rock formation. Titles within HABITAT SERIES include Pollination, Freshwater Habitat, Clear Water, Mineral Flow, Lichen, Cavernous, Formations, Nebula Geode, Autumnal Shift, Summer Storm, Lily Inspired, Rare Earth Minerals among others.


The sole use of alcohol ink

This series was developed in 2015 for a solo show in 2016; it unveiled the sole use of alcohol ink on aluminum panels. Constance's signature curvilinear soft rounded forms from working with encaustic the previous ten years, became enhanced with additional unique patterning. Her palette evolved with larger swaths of transparent colors, creating edges full of interest and depth, and yet flattening the surface compared to her encaustic painting.

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transition (EI)

The fusion of encaustic and alcohol ink

Constance was able to exploit the practice of using a blowtorch for over ten years with her encaustic painting to full benefit. The encaustic paint became a gesso of sorts; a primer on wood cradled boards, which added texture and created a non-porous surface. The alcohol ink was then applied in multiple layers and manipulated with compressed air to create her signature patterning. Effectively, the blowtorch was her brush for encaustic and the compressed air became her new brush for alcohol ink.


selected Sold works from 2006-2016

Constance's use of painting with encaustic came about after experimenting with waxes as a post-fired medium on her clay sculptures. In 2006, she began painting with it as a sculptural medium, employing a blowtorch and sculpture tools she used with clay. The tactile luscious surface quality of the medium took over her studio over the following ten years. The paint medium is made up of beeswax, tree resin, and pigment, which need to be heated to work with it. Her painting palettes became a multitude of electric skillets to melt and blend the medium into a fluid state, which she applied with brushes or metal trowels on to cradled wooden boards. With the use of a blowtorch she fuses and manipulates each of the layers and uses sculpting tools to create texture throughout.