AC Hotel Commission Installed

I was fortunate to be commissioned to paint a large diptych for the new AC Hotel in Asheville NC, which was installed in August 2017. The rest of the original artwork in public spaces is fabulous sculpture. You can find my painting on the 9the floor, where the whole floor is dedicated to an indoor and outdoor bar & tapas lounge, offering spectacular views of downtown Asheville.






My new studio is inspiring a new series of paintings, I feel it is some of my best work. I have reintroduced sculpture back into my studio and schedule. In the last two months, I spent two weeks at Penland and one week at Arrowmont schools of contemporary craft, experimenting with different materials.

The beginning of a new sculpture series, this one is titled "Ponder." I made this hand built hollow clay piece while I was in a two week soft robotic and mold making workshop at Penland School of Contemporary Craft. While I was absorbing much technical information, I used a bag of clay to create dams for mold projects of silcone and urathene, I built this piece this over five days.

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My studio is located at the RAMP studios in Asheville NC, a couple miles north of the River Arts District, near the University of North Carolina and a mile northwest of downtown. The 50,000 SF building has 15-20 foot ceilings, daylight filled studios from skylights throughout and a central wide arcade walk through with studios on either side. This newly formed collective of some of Asheville's finest artists will fill this vibrant creator and makers building by the summer of 2017.

Constance Williams

Enter Autumn

Once again my Blue-Green Distillation Series has migrated. This time you can see it adorning the walls of Rezaz Restaurant next door to Surface gallery in Biltmore Village Asheville NC. From left to right, it is my featured piece, the runner up, and the second runner up. All wonderful pieces that are catching more people's attention as the auction draws near. 

Featured Pieces at Rezaz!

Featured Pieces at Rezaz!

The fall colors are coming with the seasonal change.  Already it's the end of August and the leaves on the mountainous Blue Ridge are dancing to the ground. Bursts of golden and bronze inspire my color palette as the cool months of September draws us in.

My partner in crime, Rufus, accompanies me on my drives in Asheville. He's a fan of the cool breeze and has exclusive rights to the passenger seat. I always have a fun time exploring the city with him. :)

Be sure to explore the city yourself as it slowly starts to shift! Also drop on by Rezaz restaurant for a bite to eat and some phenomenal artwork!

Rufus and me

Rufus and me

Freshwater Habitat

In my latest alcohol ink paintings, I have been experimenting with various shades of blue. The result is a cool, refreshing scene, fluid as water with precious earth minerals. The hints of amber provide an interesting contrast to the bright tones of cyan. Congruous with freshwater habitats in the mountains of western North Carolina, I am inspired by the harmonious flow among the forms of the aquatic life that depends upon it and the precious earth minerals that shimmer beneath it.

As the warm embrace of an August summer is cooled by my blue palette the transition in to the fall season will surely inspire me. The variation of scenery will be agreeable; a transformation along the blue ridge parkway will surely provide for a lovely drive!


To the Window! To the Wall!

As the month of July comes to a close, the season of summer slowly drifts to an end. However, I am particularly excited for the wonderful fresh colors of fall! Along with the colors, I am also excited for other events this autumn.

The WNCAP Auction and Gala is drawing near, and my work along with the the runner-ups are currently in the window of Surface Gallery! The artwork provides a "complementary contrast" in the stylistic differences in our paintings.

The Western North Carolina Aids Project will host "Raise Your Hand" on October 1st, and tickets are on sale now! (


Currently, I'm delving into more blues and greens in my Distillation Series. The cool colors translate well into the cool weather of fall. I'm excited for everything that is currently happening, and the many wonderful things to come.

More information on the WNCAP event can be found in the link below. Fun things like the food (which is sounding delicious) and the venue are all posted online. I hope to see many of you there!

For more information:


Hints of Gray

While some may believe gray is quite simply a drab color devoid of energy, we artists know better. Gray is a versatile tone and can be light or dark to complement a signature color. I've recently experimented with shades of oranges mixed with gray and the results are phenomenal. The piece is bright, but not overwhelming. The gray and coral create a kind complement to one another. A paradox piece within itself. A dark shadow emphasizes the fluid form created by the alcohol inks. Simple, yet bold. I will definitely explore more with this palette.

Gray Blue 070616 ia

Gray Blue 070616 ia

Other colors I'm combining with gray are blues and golds. The speckles of gray adds another layer of texture to the overall piece. Some say it reminds them of the infinite sea while others see the stars in the sky. How ever one chooses to interpret these amorphous figures, I hope they generate a positive, effervescent energy!



Coral Gray 070216 ia

Coral Gray 070216 ia

Vibrant Colors

As the summer of mysterious weather and sudden downpours continues, I have been inspired to add splashes of my own to my distillation series. Bright blues and radiant reds give a certain energy that can bring life into a room. I hope positive vibes are encapsulated in these refreshing new pieces.

                         Splash 060416ai

As always with alcohol ink on aluminum board, there is fluidity and grace that is embedded with every piece. The palette choice adds the spirit, while the form adds the flow. Due to the unique process of alcohol inks, to each and every person there is a slightly different variation in the interpretation of the pieces. From different angles and orientations, a new perspective is unveiled adding a layer of depth to the piece if art.

Although the basics of my process remain constant, the outcome always slightly varies. Creating something completely new to both myself and others is a feat.  I hope these two pieces emanate a new radiance for my audience. The array of colors certainly add something fresh to my repertoire!

WNCAP - Signature Piece

Distillation Series: Blue Green

Distillation Series: Blue Green

I am excited to announce that my work, Distillation Series: Blue Green, has been selected for the 2016 Signature Piece for Western North Carolina AIDS Project's "Raise Your Hand" Auction and Gala! I have always loved participating in this annual event and am truly honored that my work has been chosen.  From June 27-July 8, you can find my piece downtown Asheville in Tops for Shoes, located on N. Lexigton Ave.

This selection in my Distillation Series is 48 x 48 inches on aluminum board. The alcohol ink is a versatile and dynamic medium, creating a fluidity that is relatively new to the art scene. These works provide a journey of transparent vaporous veiled fields, with facades of eruptions and excavation!

WNCAP will hold this years auction Saturday October 1st, 2016. It will mark the 28th annual benefit auction and gala, and I hope many supporters/art enthusiasts will be present! In last years' event, over 200 items were donated from some of Asheville's finest local businesses and artists.  It was a successful feat, and WNCAP exceeded their goal, raising over $190,000!

A short article about this event and my work is in the URL below. More details can be found on ''. I expect many amazing works of art to be donated to this great cause again this year. Again, nothing short of thrilled!



In 2015, I introduced alcohol ink paint medium over my encaustic painting, using it as a gesso as sorts, which I had done for the previous ten years. The transition to paint solely with alcohol ink began January 2016 for a solo show in that year. The fluidity of all my works is ever present, no matter what medium I employ.  Alcohol inks give me the intense color and movement in different ways from my encaustic painting, breathing new . My encaustic has been painted on custom cradled wood boards, but I have found I like a minimal approach for my alcohol ink, which I paint on aluminum panels.



Red Orange Gray   36 x 48"

Red Orange Gray   36 x 48"