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Circularity and evolutionary best describe the unique and often-colorful patterning themes in Constance Williams paintings, which transcend by linking a multitude of mediums she has worked in to become a rhythmic re-imagined visual dialogue. A mostly self-taught artist, she is endlessly stimulated to experiment, originate, and employ new ways to use and combine mediums and substrates to develop and shape her non-verbal conversation.

Born in Somerset England, Constance was enamored with all the arts. She was an accomplished pianist and already oil painting by the age of eight. In her teens, she excelled in clay sculpture and continued painting. At seventeen she was a film intern in London and majored in art. Her move to the US saw her start an award-winning international greeting card company. Her move to Asheville NC in 2004 was the impetus to propel her professional career as a full-time artist. She delved back into clay sculpture with great success in 2005, and it was her use of waxes in 2006 on a post-fired sculpture that forayed her into painting with encaustic for the next ten years. In 2015, she introduced alcohol ink over her encaustic paint medium and then painting alcohol ink on Yupo paper and aluminum panels in 2016-2017. December 2016 saw a move to a 4000 SQ FT studio, which incorporates a painting studio, an art salon exhibiting works before they go out to galleries or corporate installations, and a sculpture studio; Constance is reintroducing sculpture to her repertoire as she experiments with new mediums and concepts.


Constance draws inspiration from originators such as Frankenthaler, Still, and Rothko, among others. Also, the historical legend of Black Mountain College, near her home in Asheville, fostered a strong sense of individuality and creative intensity in the region. The work of its faculty and students revolutionized the arts and science scenes in the second half of the twentieth century. Among the best-known affiliates were Josef and Anni Albers, Robert Rauschenberg, Buckminster Fuller, Willem de Kooning, Cy Twombly, Merce Cunningham, and Robert Motherwell. Their legacy continues to reverberate and inspire the next art movement in Western North Carolina.

Constance's studio

Constance's studio

Constance's lounge with her paintings, sculpture, and her trusty dog Rufus on the couch.

Constance's lounge with her paintings, sculpture, and her trusty dog Rufus on the couch.

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